Hi, welcome to this blog!!

I guess there are many reasons why I started this blog, I must confess that I’ve always love reading all kind of books , reading takes me to places , changes my mood and my perspective of things and motivates me to do many things and it jus so much FUN!! .
My family always used to give me books as a gift, but then life happened and I stopped reading.
But a few months ago I realized how much I was missing out by letting life get in the way of my reading!!! Sooo I decided to read again and I totally left my TV to gather dust…yay!!
The thing is that after this great decision I found my self in the predicament of what to read, so I turn to my beloved sister who has a huuuuge amount of books.
I have to be frank and say for the record that the romance NA, YA, paranormal romances and erotica where kind of a new topic to me (sad but true!) but since so many people where talking about these amazing novels I decided to jump on that train, and I must say I did not feel disappointed because now I’m pretty much OBSSESED WITH IT.
So one day I was at work (clearly not working!) and I was feeling pretty sad because I just had finish a really great book and just thought that I should do something to purge all the feelings I had So here it is …My very own CATHARSIS in the way of a blog about the amazing (or no so much) books that I’m reading. And so much cheaper that therapy
Read you soon


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