Exposed by Deborah Bladon


BOOK: Exposed by Deborah Bladon

MY RATING FOR IT: 3 1/2 stars


Harvard student, Sadie Lockwood, was given a second chance and she’s determined to make it count. She planned her life out with precision and she refuses to be deterred from her course. She knows what she wants and that is to honor the person who lost their life to save hers.

When Hunter Reynolds steps into Sadie’s world, she is knocked off of her axis. He’s bold, charismatic and intense. She’s committed to not let him lead her off her prearranged path but he’s persuasive and a little fun never hurt anyone, right?

As Sadie sets out on a journey to pull back the layers of Hunter’s emotional façade, she begins to question the very heart that beats within her. Will shedding her own inhibitions help Sadie to accept the man she craves or will everything change once all is exposed?


Well , this is the third Deborah Blandon series I’ve read , and as the last one (obsessed), it was good , not great but a fun read , very easy and fast to read.

The story follows Sadie , she’s studying to become a doctor and is set on becoming someone important , because she had a very big second chance in life and she is not willing to waste it ( she had mayor surgery).

At a fund-raiser for her mother,she meets this beautiful sexy very handsome guy , who may or may not be flirting with her…( she is very shy , and not too experienced so she doesn’t know) after and embarrassing moment between them she is back in her shell.

The guy goes to the bistro where she works to seek her out and take her to a date… and she is over the moon about it , but she clearly is wondering why such a stunning guy would want her ( she think she is not very pretty… don’t they always???!!)

Eventually they get together and she is so happy , but then some stuff starts to come out and she realizes he is lying to her , he says he’s going somewhere and he is not there, or he suddenly disappears… this leaves Sadie very hurt.

But he keeps going after her and begging her to be with him… and she does but at some point there’s a discovery that it’s too much ( it’s related to her heart!!!)

I must say that the critics towards this series are very mix … more bad than good , but I like it , I think I like it more than obsessed, this one has more meet to it , and he is such a bastard sometimes I just wanted to kick his head !! but after a while we get to know why he is doing this very mean thing to poor Sadie.

I like Sadie , even though  she was a very shelter character , she actually evolves during the book , she gets a back bone, and stands up for her self , well eventually !!

The sex scenes were good, maybe a little similar to the previous series , but I mean, whats not to like !? a little repetitive at times but ok.

What I didn’t like was the way the Alexa character was presented , this may be a little judgmental of me , but since I’ve read Vain first , I had a different feel of the Character and they way she was portrait  was kind of sad , she seemed like a desperate man hungry sex addict, I think it was too much.

There where some good cliffhanger between the books and it really gave me the push to keep reading the story .

Soooo… all in all , a good series , not necessarily a great one , but fun for an afternoon read with all the goodies that we like ( hunky men , steamy sex, a lot of angst, secrets, and a HEA)

3 y medio


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