Bad Romeo (starcrossed #1) by Leisa Rayven


BOOK: Bad Romeo (starcrossed #1)



When Cassie Taylor met Ethan Holt at acting school, sparks flew. She was the good girl actress. He was the bad boy about campus. But one fated casting choice for Romeo and Juliet changed it all. Like the characters they were playing, Cassie and Ethan’s romance seemed destined. Until he broke her heart and betrayed her trust. Now the A-list heartthrob is back in her life and turning her world around. One touch at a time.

Cast as romantic leads once again, they’re forced to confront raw memories of the heartbreaking lows and pulse-pounding highs of their secret college affair. But they’ll also discover that people who rub each other the wrong way often make the best sparks


                                *****ARC received by Netgalley for an honest review*****

I was kind of scared to read this one , why you may ask? because the opinions about this book are very opposed , I mean people either hate it or really love it.
The story revolves around Cassie and Ethan they are supposed to work together in a Broadway play , but there are some issue with a past relationship that ended very badly ,braking Cassie’s heart .

The story goes back and forward from their rehearsal at present time to the time where they were student s and fell in love.

”Yeah, sure I can do a passionate play with my ex-lover, who broke my heart not once, but twice no problem.”

I can do this. I can see him and not fall apart.
I can.
I sigh and press my forehead against the wall.
Who the hell am I kidding?

At first they kind of love to hate each other instantly , and they have amazing chemistry on stage and of stage.but he is kind of douchy so even as they both realize that they want to be together he tells her that he will hurt her … which actually turns out to be true .

”I saw what I wanted to see. Felt what I wanted to feel. He just played his part. Sometimes he’s behind my eyes, weeping and exposed, and he’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. But it was an act. He’s an actor. And he’s very, very good.”

I actually loved it !!! I really did,the only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars was the fact that the cliffhanger was terrible… I mean at first I thought i was missing some pages or something , then I realized I was not the only one with these issue
I really like the writing and the banter was very funny ,it gave the story some lighter moments, that were necessary.
there are some people who say that she was kind of a doormat , but I nobody can denied that when our first love arrives is blinding especially if you’re as young as Cassie was , I thought it made it feel more real , people in love and in lust are foolish and blind sometimes.

The connection between this characters was intense and I don’t want to give spoilers but I just have to say the E-mails made me cry , I mean I wasn’t sobbing , but some tears fell down my face and I felt Ethan’s regret.
I just want to recommend this book to everyone that want some good romance with a bit of humor in it , a lot of angst and some characters that evolve with the story, they are young and they are flawed , but they are passionate and the theater background give that much more intensity to the story
I know that some people may say that the sex scene are too little to late but I felt it was just a different pace than some books but not bad , don’t forget that there’s a second part, and even as much as i like my smut , I felt that the story was well-developed with the amount os sex that was in it, because there where some very hot moment that got the passionate point across… at least that’s what it felt to me.

So I must say that Leisa Rayven has a devoted follower in me and had me drooling to read the second book



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