Accordance ,Defiance and Independence (Significance series) by Shelly Crane


BOOK:  Accordance ,Defiance and Independence by Shelly Crane




Maggie learns much more about all the strange things that happened to her, and has to face new ones. She rebels against it, but ultimately, must face it for her new families sake and maybe even her life. Bish went from being her biggest supporter to her biggest pain in the butt and Kyle’s intentions to attract her interest may not be so innocent. Caleb and Maggie face many new obstacles together and fight to work through them but will one that should be a good thing be too much for Maggie to handle?


In the third installment of the Significance series, we begin with Maggie and Caleb in the clutches of a new enemy; the Virtuoso council. Not only do they have to deal with the consequences of taking the lives of the Watsons and the council attempting to take Maggie away to keep their precious Visionary safe, but they must deal with Marla as well. All are determined to undermine, control and use Caleb and Maggie’s rare gifts for their own uses, some wish to destroy them entirely. Then Maggie’s father and Bish are threatened but the council forbids the presence of humans. Peter and the family fight and stand beside them every step of the way to save Maggie’s father, to keep Caleb and Maggie together when the corrupted council is so set on keeping them apart and to stop Marla and whatever she has up her sleeve. Then Maggie has the shock of her life when she discovers something about her real father. It may change everything for everyone. Stay tuned as the story continues.


In the fourth and final installment, Maggie and Caleb must tie up all the loose ends of their lives and make a way to be together completely on their own. With everything that happened with Bish and Maggie’s father, she’s almost reluctant to move on and move out. And now she must figure out all of this…stuff…with Haddock. But of course, nothing can stay simple for the Jacobsons. Enemies who were thought to be dissolved have decided to not go down so easily. And old flames come calling for more than just Maggie. Caleb is torn between leading his family and personal wants. Maggie is torn between Caleb and being the leader of their people. But neither will let what they need most to be pushed to the wayside. They are determined to make it all work, design a plan toward destiny, and make everything right again for themselves and their family.


This review is about the last 3 books in the series at the same time so that’s why it’s kind of patched together….  (Best to do them all at once instead of dragging along)

Dang it’s so goooooooood , I cant believe how much I’m liking this series , in this one they go to California to take some time away from the other clan that is making their lives hell , but apparently hell chases them down there ,along with apprehensive brothers and jealous cousins.

Maggie and Caleb are getting stronger and more daring in their relationship as they are becoming closer and more comfortable with their feelings and each other.

This book was super fun to read and the other characters in the book took more of a center stage so we could get to know them a little more.

And Caleb … oh Caleb, he was as swoon worthy as ever, (so sweet and perfect)

The world of this series keeps getting better and better and expanding, so I’, looking forward to the next installment.

Ohhh the only thing was that the cliffhanger was TERRIBLE… I’m going to have to keep reading, there’s just no other way around it…

In the third book they are already in London , and Marla is stirring some shit , cause she is trying slander Maggie’s character and that way she is deflecting from the Thompson’s plan to get ride of her for ever.

But Maggie and Caleb know what there are up to , they just need to fond a way to get everybody else to believe them and support them.

Maggie just wants to be good at the Visionary role , and do right by her people , but she just wants to be treated as a normal person , which is very much dislike by the council

Maggie is getting better and better at  understanding her powers and where they come from , so that makes her much more able to stand in front of her family and be the leader they want her to be.

There’s a lot more action in this book and that made it one of the most entertaining one of the whole lot.

The last book so far was a  great book , but I must say it’s  not my favorite , but it was fun to read and it wrap up the hole story nicely , Caleb is still swoon worthy and Becks which is an important character at the beginning of this story  is still a bit of a tool as a friend.

The different couples all have their day in the sun, and the Thompsons are still and issue , which proves to be quite challenging at some point.

The relationship between Caleb and Maggie is a strong as it can be , an Kyle finally is less annoying , I don’t want to give any more away , but even as the story is wrap up nicely it felt just a little flat at the end for me , I don’t know … I just … there’s something missing maybe ??

Well … all in all this series is very good and if you like Y.A this one is very entertaining…

This part was a little steamier than the others, but still pretty tame (which is good, considering that this is for younger readers) … and as much as I like it the final book let me a little… mmm I don’t know , but I definitely recommend it , it’s just that maybe I was expecting more of a BANG !!! or something,  but it’s a  great  read none the less.




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  1. I’ve seen this series around before, and have heard nothing but great things about it. I’m glad you enjoyed it overall! The character development and romance in this one sounds really nice.

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