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Degradation, Separation, Reparation and Completion (the Kane trilogy)

BOOK: Degradation, Separation, Reparation and Completion (the Kane trilogy) by stylo Fantome



Eighteen year old Tatum O’Shea is a naive, shy, little rich girl. Twenty-three year old Jameson Kane is smart, seductive, and richer. They come together for one night, one explosion, one mistake, and Tate is hurled into space – no family, no money, and no Jameson.

Seven years later, life is going pretty good for Tate, when she runs into Jameson again. This time, she thinks she’s ready for him. She doesn’t have a naive bone left in her body, and she can’t even remember what shy feels like. Jameson has evolved, as well – sharp words, sharper wit, and a tongue that can cut her in half. It all sounds like fun to a woman like Tate, and she is ready to play, determined to prove that she isn’t the same girl he conquered once before. A series of games start, each one more devious than the last.

But as the line between games and reality becomes blurry, Tate quickly learns that Jameson has most definitely earned his nickname, “Satan”. Can she beat him at his own game before someone gets hurt? Or will he leave her soulless, making him the winner, once and for all?

WARNING: contains a wannabe B-rate porn star, an impersonal personal assistant, and the F-word, A LOT. Also graphic sexual situations and sadomasochistic themes.


This Series had such a buzz, had been hearing about it forever, so I decided to just go for it and thank god for that cause WOWZA!! This was one of the hottest relationships in years!! Oh dear lord Jameson Kane is my lord and Master forever, I just swoon for that sharp sarcastic nasty tongue of his!! (Is it wrong of me to say that???… pfff who cares ) I just dream of character s like this , this are my true alpha males , unapologetic , so sarcastic and funny but in control all the time!!! Uffff ….

“Because, I have the strangest feelings about you. Like I want to take you everywhere and have you by my side, but I also want to hold you down. Make you beg and cry,”

And Tatum, damn, she is one tough broad!! Her stupid family disowned her and she became a strong independent, slightly unhinged, very lovable woman, she is very secure in her believes and very in to having fun and experimenting with her body and sex , cause she really likes sex,

“It was strange – she didn’t really mind being someone’s whore, but she hated the thought of being someone’s dirty secret.”

They have an encounter seven years before that change their life’s in more ways than one , and they see each other again after all that time, a game is about to begin and nothing will be the same.


They can’t stay away from each other they become obsessed with the sex they are having and with the thought of out winning the other, but things as they always do, Tend to get more complicated as time passes  and people get more and more involved.

They are so different and the same in so many things , He is really mean to her sometimes , but things do change after a while and the back and for the tends to be more balance between the 2 of them.

They are so passionate as a couple, is fireworks, and aggression and no boundaries between them, and Tate loves it like that, Jameson can finally be the man that he really is with her, and that is exhilarating to him .

“You have ruined me, Tatum O’Shea,” he told her. “Completely wrecked me.” Her breath caught in her throat. “It’s only fair, you did it to me first,” she whispered.”

He calls her every name in the book and more, but Tate loves it!!!

Their relationship may upset some people and may not be everyone’s cup of tea , but is all consensual and upfront so I have no problem about it.

This series of  books where  so above and beyond what I thought it would be! I’m in shock of how is it that I didn’t read it before

This series made me go thru all the feelings available in my poor self … at points I wanted to smack Jameson for being so stubborn and blind (and lick him too most of the time) and some other times I really wanted to choke Tate for being so pig headed, the only one I loves all the threw was dear amazing Sandy!!! (Looooooooove him till forever)

I also have a small part of my heart to Angy… he was kind of awesome too.

I don’t want to spoil this amazing series for you, but you really need to have this in your repertoire , cause its AMAZING !!! I have no more word ….

“Tatum Elliot O’Shea, sometimes I think you are the stupidest goddamn person I have ever met. Sometimes I think you’re crazy. Sometimes I think I hate you. Sometimes I think you’re a psychotic bitch, sent from hell to drag me back. But always, ALWAYS, I think you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.”




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Priest (Priest #1)by Sierra Simone


BOOK: Priest



There are many rules a priest can’t break.
A priest cannot marry. A priest cannot abandon his flock. A priest cannot forsake his God.

I’ve always been good at following rules.
Until she came.
My name is Tyler Anselm Bell. I’m twenty-nine years old. Six months ago, I broke my vow of celibacy on the altar of my own church, and God help me, I would do it again.
I am a priest and this is my confession.


 There are some books, old and new which are very hard for me to review, hence I haven’t yet. They are probably my favorite ones but because of that my brain gets an overload of thoughts and feelings every time I try to convey what they make me feel, then I get  frustrated and I can’t explain clear enough how much they have affected me o how much they are staying with me forever.

This Month I am making the effort to change that and I’m going to try and post the reviews of those very books , the ones I love so much that the words get tangled in my brain trying to explain the feelings that I get reading them.

In that note I will start with a book that was a bit of a shock as much as a turn on to me and this one is Priest by Sierra Simone.

Priest is book that is first and foremost beautifully written, melodic and poetic at times, that was the first feeling that I got and the first surprise for me, I was expecting something way different, I don’t know why I just thought it was going to be the typical smutty grittier story with some cheap taboo in it, and no developing story, I was so wrong.


“Whatever happens after this, I just want you to know that this was worth it. You were worth it. You were worth everything.”

I knew this book was going to be taboo and I knew it was going to be hot and a bit dirty, but I  had no idea that it was going to be  filthy in the best way(some scenes are clearly a bit much for the shock value)   and oh! so steamy , I can’t even tell you !! And a love story that was just wonderful to read and so engaging, I just know I’m going to obsess over this book for a while.

“if this was what love was, then I didn’t know how anyone could bear the weight of it.”

Let me tell you, first that I was raised Catholic, first communion, catechism classes and all that. With the years and the current events that have developed in the Catholic church in the last 20 years my church going days have been less and less, but I still am a spiritual person, I believe in a higher power that looks upon us and I always have feel that the priesthood should be dealt in a different way, celibacy is not natural to me and should not be impose on anyone, maybe that’s why this topic didn’t bother me so much in this book  it seemed to shine a light in something that is an ever present thought about priesthood ,cause aren’t they men after all ?? Don’t they deserve love, not just from their god but form a partner too?? And we all  have the same normal biological and mental urges.


There are scenes in this book that to me represent so well the communion between the love for your God and that earthly love for your partner, your other half, that urge for connection that all humans have and those hidden desires that just need the right person to be awaken… cause they are in all of us .

“God dwelled in sex and marriage just as much as He dwelled in celibacy and service,”

It didn’t felt dirty or wrong if felt like real love,maube a bit hightrned by the circumstances , and  a love story that developed under strained circumstances, (This is all my thoughts about that topic I understand if you don’t feel the same way)

“Was it truly so terrible for a man of God to have sex? The Protestants had been doing it for half a millennium and they seemed no more hell-bound than the Catholics for it. And was it so wrong to want both? I wanted to lead this church, I wanted to help people find God. But dammit, I wanted Poppy too, and I didn’t think it was fair that I had to choose.”

Love like that shouldn’t be a burden or sin under anyone’s eyes and our characters know this they can’t help it, they can’t avoid it, and it’s too strong for them, something that feels so right and make you that elated shouldn’t be a bad thing right ??


That’s the problem because Father Bell is confuse, his vows tell him to stay away from temptation, but Poppy feels like the right thing for him, he can’t find the balance between his vocation, his will to help the people in his parish and the ardent feelings and tender love that he’s developing for this woman that is looking for a new truth to her life, a new path.

It’s not even just lust it’s so much more its love in its purest form he wants to be with her all of her , the good the bad and just be one with her and share his love of god with her too, show her the wonders of that light.

“I thought, this is what it’s like to be torn apart for love. This is what it means to be reborn.”

To say that this book had some hot scenes is not enough, cause they were sizzling, I mean if the Taboo and forbidden is your thing, dam!! Ufff yeah!!

Am I wrong to like this so much?? Am I a little twisted for liking these subjects Maybe?

Well, if that’s the case Sierra Simone has made me a willing sinner, and this is erotica so it will be hot as hell!!! And I wouldn’t want it any other way.

“My little lamb,” I whispered. “You are so very, very wet right now.”

I consider myself very open minded, but I did struggle a little with some moments, reading some really hot scenes where I wonder and thought about how fucking bad this was , and  that this was really so sinful and decadent but it was so good  it gave me goosebumps at times!!

I can understand how this book might not be everyone’s taste, but it’s a good one, a really good one at least for me, it has everything that I need in a great read, everything and then some, I felt goosebumps as I was experiencing the story, I could tell that this one was one that would stick with me for a long loooooong time.

“Whatever happens after this, I just want you to know that this was worth it. You were worth it. You were worth everything.”


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The Fallen Crest series by Tijan


BOOK:  The Fallen Crest series

MY RATING FOR IT: 5  stars



Mason:  Mason Kade is not known to be nice. He is ruthless, manipulative, and unforgiving. Most will say that he is an  a**hole and he is to those that cross him or cross his loved ones. However, he does not want to be who he is. He does not enjoy hurting others, but there is no limit to the lengths he will go to protect himself and his brother.
This is the story of how he came to be and this is why so many love Mason Kade


Fallen crest High: Mason and Logan Kade are two brothers who did their own thing. They were rich and expected to attend her school, Fallen Crest Academy. They chose public school and now Samantha has to live with them. The problem is that she doesn’t care at all: about them, about her friends, about her cheating boyfriend, or even about her parent’s divorce. But maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe change is a good thing.


Fallen crest Family: Samantha and Mason are together. Everyone knows it. Not everyone is dealing with it. While Mason’s ready to give them the middle finger, there’s one not going away. Her mother. Threats are issued. Ultimatums are given. Even blackmail is used, but only Samantha can put a stop to Analise. However, when a trauma from her past is triggered, she may not have the courage or strength to do what’s needed. If she doesn’t, Mason’s future could be destroyed.


Fallen crest Public: Sam’s first day at Fallen Crest Public doesn’t go well. Some girls want to be her. Some girls want to destroy her. And some just don’t like her. All in all, despite being protected by Mason and Logan, it’s still only the strong survive. Sam will not only have to survive, she needs to learn how to conquer too, but there’s another battle growing. Things are about to come to a disastrous end between the towns, Roussou and Fallen Crest. Sam’s other main dilemma? Keeping Mason and Logan from getting arrested or hospitalized.


First of let me start by saying how much I love this series …. I just LOOOOOOVE IT, I JUST DO SO MUCH.

Well I actually love Tijan and she can do no wrong, I can’t get over how much I enjoy her book and her characters.

And the reason why I haven’t reviewed this series of books is exactly because of it , I like it too much to put in to words … nut I’ll try because this books deserve to be read ,they are so much fun and so much more than just school angst and drama

This is a series that I bought on discount in a special edition with 4 books in one (including the prequel Mason)

It was super cheap (I did bought it some time ago , and I have read it like 6 times) and I had no clue what I was getting myself in to , I was sure was going to be some high school teen boring  drama (which it kind of is , but so much more) but I found myself totally sucked in to the lidfe of this privilege but very neglected young people and all the turmoil’s that they had to endure and overcome.

They are cool, rich, powerful and full of energy and each character brings something fun to the table.

The first book “Mason” is a book told in Mason point of view, here we can see how secretive he is and how his strong and fierce personality gets shape and why he’s is so protective of his and his brother Logan life and environment.


Super Hot Mason

We get to see how their parents and role models constantly lets them down and they learn to fence for themselves and to trust no one besides their closest ones (Mason-Logan-Nate)

From the get go I could tell Mason was going to be a swoon worthy character.

In the second Book “ Fallen Crest High “ we are introduced to Samantha and her screw up Family of Annalise the bitch and David the wimp,

Her parents are separating because Analise is cheating on her husband with a Rich man, and Sam’s world unravels when she sees herself moved from her home and away from her dad, to live in a mansion with the 2 most popular guys in Fallen Crest, Mason and Logan Kade both of them god on the football field and off it.


My Logan !!

The relationship is strained at first, Sam wants nothing to do with the Kade Brothers and prefers to remain in anonymity, her life is already hard enough as it is (with her friends dumping her and her boyfriend cheating on her), but they are put in different situations that make them realize that they are more similar than what they expect and they start to like and include Sam in their antics.

An incredible attraction start to build between Mason and Sam, and it’s something neither of them is able or whiling to understand, its bigger than anything they ever felt before and it grows all thru out the books (it’s super-hot)

Logan and Mason are great characters, they are full very developed characters, they appeal to inner teen 100%.

The sporting character are very important in all this books, some come and go , but as the story develops their sides are clearer.

The Third book “Fallen Crest Family” shows  a more solid Mason and Sam , they are dealing with their problems , but they are together and their family dynamics are the front and center plot line in this one , especially bat shit crazy Analise  and the repercussions of her relationship with Sam … oh dear god that woman is unbelievable !!!




The last book in this bundle (not the last book of the series !!! ) is “Fallen crest Public” , and I have to say that it’s been one of my favorites till date , it has everything that I like in high school dramas , love hotness catty girls , more drama and revenge !!! yuju …… loved it .

We see some pretty powerful character’s in this one the Public school girls are not like the ones Sam’s use to fight in private school, they don’t care about designer clothes or who’s daddy has more money, they want the hottest guys and school power and they are going to do whatever it takes to get the Kades on their side again, they are beautiful and vicious and they make Sam’s life Hell

This books reminded me why I liked High school story’s so much they are my guilty pleasure for as long as I remember and I don’t know why I left them for so long , and Tijan just has a special skill to develop flawed , sexy intriguing swoon wordy character’s, and she gets me every time.

Well I think that pretty much sums up the story, there’s fallen Fourth Down and Fallen crest University,  without counting The Logan spin off , that I’m dying to read , but those will be review on a later day



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Captive in the Dark (Dark Duet #1),Seduced in the Dark (Dark Duet #2),Epilogue (Dark Duet #3) by C.J. Roberts

Dark Duet

BOOK:  The DarK Duet Series (Captive in the dark, Seduced in the dark and Epilogue)

MY RATING FOR IT: 5 stars!!


Caleb is a man with a singular interest in revenge. Kidnapped as a young boy and sold into slavery by a power-hungry mobster, he has thought of nothing but vengeance. For twelve years he has immersed himself in the world of pleasure slaves searching for the one man he holds ultimately responsible. Finally, the architect of his suffering has emerged with a new identity, but not a new nature. If Caleb is to get close enough to strike, he must become the very thing he abhors and kidnap a beautiful girl to train her to be all that he once was.

Eighteen-year-old Olivia Ruiz has just woken up in a strange place. Blindfolded and bound, there is only a calm male voice to welcome her. His name is Caleb, though he demands to be called Master. Olivia is young, beautiful, naïve and willful to a fault. She has a dark sensuality that cannot be hidden or denied, though she tries to accomplish both. Although she is frightened by the strong, sadistic, and arrogant man who holds her prisoner, what keeps Olivia awake in the dark is her unwelcome attraction to him.


This is a hard review to write, because this is by far one of my all-time favorites!!! And I’m very serious when I say that, cause this book did a number on me …

I decided to do a review of the 3 book at once, I don’t want to be too repetitive with my ohhh’s and Haaa’s . Besides if you read the first one you probably won’t stop and will read the other 2.

This book was a mind fuck, and when I finished the first one I didn’t know if I felt happy for Livvie or deeply sad ….

This is a twisted story of revenge and the people that get in the middle of that shitty situation.

Livvie is a pretty and shy teenage girl that get choose to be kidnapped to become a sex slave by the ruthless Caleb, he’s on his way to getting his revenged from the Man that took everything from him and his friend, and poor Livvie will play a big part in getting that revenged (even as she doesn’t know it yet)

“People often believed they were safer in the light, thinking monsters only came out at night.”

“Could she sense her life as she knew it hanging precariously in the balance? Could she feel his eyes on her? Did she have a sixth sense for monsters? The thought of it made him smile”

Caleb (the Male protagonist) is to train her to become a pliant slave and to understand that her life has change for ever …..He was hard to read, he was so good at times , sexy , demanding , but so very cruel, he was very confused , especially when he starts to developed some sort of caring feelings towards his slave girl.

“Like a Falcon, she needed the dark to understand who her master was. She would learn to trust him, to rely upon him, to anticipate what he wanted from her. And like any master with his salt, he would reward her for her obedience. He would be exceedingly firm, but he would also be as fair as he could be. He had notchosen the instrument of his revenge at random. He had chosen a beautiful submissive. And what was a submissive if not adaptable -if not a survivor?”

“I wrapped my arms around him and held on as hard as I could. He was my tormentor and my solace: the creator of the dark and the light within. I didn’t care that he would undoubtedly hurt me at any moment, right now; I just needed somebody to hold me… To tell me these exact words. Its going to be okay. It wasn’t of course, I knew that. But I didn’t care, I needed the lie.”

Livvie was terrified, but oh so brave, her character was willful and not easy to brake, she can’t’ understand what’s going on, why her?? Why him …. Especially why he, a man that makes her teenaged unexperienced body feel things that she has never before experienced …

Caleb was hard to like , he was cruel and very difficult to read at times , but somehow I was seeing that there was not all bad inside him…  he was put in situations that made him who he was and that was undeniably understandable …to a point obviously!!

The first book totally left make reeling!! I just needed to know what was going to happen … my angst levels where so over the roof ….

And then book to just shattered me!! It crushed my little Hurt!! L

“I’ve been doing this a long time- manipulating people to get my way. That’s why you think you love me. Because I’ve broken you down and built you back up to believe it. It wasn’t an accident. Once you leave this behind….. you’ll see that. -Caleb”

We get to experiences what Livvie went thru and the evolution of Caleb’s feeling towards her , all in an environment full of twisted people and sex slaves !!!

I feel so many things reading this book … I can’t even …

“It seemed to Caleb, the nature of human being revolved around one empirical truth: we want what we cannot have. For Eve, it was the fruit of the forbidden tree. For Caleb, it was Livvie.”

Wow as I re-read it last week I remembered why I loved it so much, C. J. Robert can tell a story like a few people can ,I have read several stories about the kidnaped/sex slave  theme, and I have enjoyed then very much , but for some reason I always compare the to The Dark Duet !!!

I don’t want to spoil you the amazing book by telling too much, because this book is a trip that you must endure by yourself.

Just a quick reminder, that the last book is an Epilogue of sorts and is in Caleb’s point of view and what could be better than that!!

“I’m writing this because you begged. You know how I love the begging”  -Caleb in Epilogue

Sooooo GO READ IT, I don’t want you to miss out.


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The Dumont Diaries (The Dumont Diaries #1-4) by Alessandra Torre


BOOK:  The Dumont Diaries (The Dumont Diaries #1-4) by Alessandra Torre



Lust is a dangerous thing. It can make you believe things that are not real. It can seduce your mind and lead it blindfolded to the cliff that will be its demise. 
What would you do if you could leave your life? Wake up one day and be someone else?
I signed the contract. I left Candace Tapers and her slutty, strip club life behind, abandoned every part of that life with one hesitant swipe of my pen.
The agreement was clear:
1. Sex
2. Photo ops
3. No romance
“I need a wife. I am not signing up for romance, or affection, or a full time job. I will not love you. I will have no use for you other than sex and photo ops.”
Sex with Nathan was easy. More than easy. Panty-melting, can-never-get-enough HOT. I had begun to think that I could live this new life, showered in luxuries, orgasms, and diamonds.
Then I started tripping over secrets.
*The Dumont Diaries was originally released, and is still available as a four-part miniseries. This book combines the four pieces of the miniseries into one, full-length novel.


Well first thing first, I expected nothing else from Alessandra Torre, because she’s the queen of twisted, amazing stories that leave me breathless and in a puddle.

This was older that some of the best known books, but don’t be fooled it was just as good, even if at some point was a novella (which sometimes are not as appealing as full books).

This book was a wild ride from the beginning; hold no prisoners addictive as hell story.

I know one usually says that some books are better experienced without too much info , but this one most certainly is one that you need to experience with the least amount of insight information about , so I’ll just give you little commentaries.

Our leading lady is called Candace, and she works at the Crystal Place a not so nice strip joint , Candace is down on her luck and doing whatever she can to get by and help her sick father.

Sex is of the table most times, but there’s one gentleman that has come a couple of times that she can’t and don’t want to refuse.

He’s beautiful, exudes elegance and class (unlike the usual clientele) and he always asks for only her.

“….my body craving his touch – my bank account desperate for a cash infusion.”

On the last visit, this secretive man, proposes an arrangement that leaves Candace wondering if he’s for real!!

He’s name is Nathan Dumont , and he does not offers love or devotion , he only offers a contractual relationship where he gets to have her body and she gets taken care off financially…

Candace doesn’t understand why does he want her, but she doesn’t know that Nathan is ruthless, cold and calculating and always has an agenda.



“I will not love you. I will have no use for you other than sex and photo ops.


What Candace fells a pull towards him and she needs the help, so what to do …

Things are not going to get very easy for her with Nathan I have to say that some parts are very hard, cause he has no problem making her feel as small as he can and using her whenever he wants , no matter who’s there .

Nathan is no immune to her charms though, he fell’s a strong pull toward her or at least her body, and he can’t control himself in that regard.


“Do you have any idea how hard I get when I see your body?



I Loved it loved it , loved it , I can’t say enough how good are Alessandra Torre’s books , it’s amazing that she does it every time , she has such an imagination .

To be 100% honest, some part5s did felt a little rushed.

I love the characters in Alessandra’s mind, they are all special to me and always hard to let go … This one was maybe easier to read because it was a bit shorter, but I love it just the same … I can’t praise her enough … She always makes me feel engage to the story and, makes me feel for them and with them, and boy does she know how to bring the steam to the story … I mean DAMIT IT WAS HOT!
Now I’m kind of scared of reading the next book, because my expectations are so hi….


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Three, Two, One (321) by J.A. Huss


BOOK:  Three, Two, One (321) by J.A. Huss



Battered, barefoot, and huddled under a bookstore awning in the pouring rain, Blue only knows one thing. After fifteen months of captivity, finally… she is free.
Self-made millionaires JD and Ark are not out to save anyone when they stumble upon a wet and shivering girl one early Sunday morning. But when you sell sex for a living and salvation rings your bell… you answer the call.
After years of searching, love lifts the veil of darkness, and three people—with three very big secrets—find themselves bound together in a relationship that defies the odds.
Or does it?
Love. Lust. Sex.
This trinity might be perfection… but not everything should come in 3’s.


I read this book a while ago, and I actually was trying to push this review as long as humanly possible , cause …there’s a handful of books that have cause me the kind of feelings that this one did … and it’s hard to describe …. It made me feel kind of dirty and super sad, but it was sooooooooo damn good I can eve begin to praise it enough. This book it’s really too good and J.A. Huss is very fast becoming one of my favorite writers.

I knew from earlier books of her that this one was going to be a hard one, but I just didn’t think how much …. But even as much as I suffer thru it, I have to say that this story is just brilliant!! I mean, I was enraptured by this book; I couldn’t stand to put it down.

I love everything about this book, the grittiness, the characters, the roughness, the plot twist, everything!! And the hotness, oh god!! So hot, I mean I don’t know where all that creativity comes from.


This story has three mayor protagonist, and they dominate almost all the story, it begins with Ark , and JD, (one very rough around the edges , serous , and the other super laid back) who are business partners  in a sex and porn web site.

They are preparing to do a shot when they meet a girl that they call Blue who’s freezing in the rain, they both feel immediately attracted to her, but she is has some problems of her own.

Stand here looking lost and cold… I’ll pay you a hundred dollars. Let me kiss you like this, and you get two hundred. Get on your knees and suck my cock, and that’s five hundred. So it’s your call, darling. You tell me how much you need.

She seemed to have escaped someone or someplace and is afraid.

They take her to their home and offer her some sort of safety, but they attraction is evident between the three of them. Which may be a problem or may not, because Blue actually feels attracted to both of them in different ways.

love two men. My soul has two mates. I love them equally, and with the same amount of fierce devotion. And I’ll fight to my death to have them both.

The men feel that too and as weird as they think it is they feel it to be right for them.


This story has many twist and turn, and many secrets that I never even saw coming, those actually blew me away!!

You’re so beautiful. Your eyes are like the water you see in those pictures of paradise. A color that can’t be described because a word for it can’t do it justice. And your hair is gold, like the sun. You’re my paradise, Blue. You and Ark are all I have left.”

“I’m yours, JD. If you want me, I’m yours.”

“No, Blue,” he whispers back. “You’re ours.”

I thought it was going to be big, but it was just beyond what I had imagined.

I really don’t want to give anything of this plot away, cause it’s too good and it has to be discovered by the reader.

But I just want to warned you to be prepared to use mayor amount of tear duct (at least I did) and be completely baffled., cause nothing is what it seems and everything gets so twisted as the story develops, it’s amazing!!

One little girl.

Two soulmates.

And three mended hearts.

I’m a believer now. I can see it with my own eyes.

Everything should come in threes.”

This book is so original and the characters are complex individuals with turmoil’s and passion, so if you want a book that will blow your mind and will make you feel the whole range of human emotions ….. This is the one for you for sure ….


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The Siren (The Original Sinners #1)by Tiffany Reisz


BOOK : The Siren (The Original Sinners #1)by Tiffany Reisz



Notorious Nora Sutherlin is famous for her delicious works of erotica, each one more popular with readers than the last. But her latest manuscript is different—more serious, more personal—and she’s sure it’ll be her breakout book… if it ever sees the light of day.

Zachary Easton holds Nora’s fate in his well-manicured hands. The demanding British editor agrees to handle the book on one condition: he wants complete control. Nora must rewrite the entire novel to his exacting standards—in six weeks—or it’s no deal.

Nora’s grueling writing sessions with Zach are draining… and shockingly arousing. And a dangerous former lover has her wondering which is more torturous—staying away from him… or returning to his bed?

Nora thought she knew everything about being pushed to your limits. But in a world where passion is pain, nothing is ever that simple.


This was a very hard review to write, not because I didn’t like the book , actually I think I like it too damn much !!!

It’s a very complicated story , more so than the usual erotica you read , there are so many characters in this books and they are so intricately entwined in each other life’s , it was a fantastic book just amazing it blew my top of !!!

This characters are all so very passionate and so amazingly strong, they totally and 100% reach the core of my heart, they face the hugees obstacles and no one is safe from heartache of the most painful type.

Nora is an erotica writer that is looking to get her latest and most personal book publish by a more respectful publishing house, Nora un like other writer does not only write, she lives those story’s because she is also a world renown Dominatrix in NY, but she has other secrets in her past, she was not always a dominant , she used to be a submissive a very famous one at that!!!

She writes about her past , she writes and then deletes it , just as a way to remind herself that that that was her life at some point , that she was that happy , that she had that joy of being completely and utterly lost in someone else possession and love.

“Romance is sex plus love. Erotica is sex plus fear.” 

She had the most strong of relationships with a man we just know as Soren , and we can see right away that she is completely his even as they are not longer together .

There are only two reasons why you leave someone you’re still in love with- either it’s the right thing to do, or it’s the only thing to do.” 

Their relationship is a difficult one for everyone to understand is strong as is dark, and the passion is too much to explain in just a few lines, but Tifffany Reiz clearly has a way with words because she made me feel all this things at once, it felt uncomfortable at first but then I just felt so terrible sad and eager to get to know more about this dark character that that was kind of scary at first , but totally amazing too.

Soren is hard to describe, he’s all consuming and terrifying, but he clearly loves Nora more than his life , she’s his heart , his everything , but the type of relationship they have is not easy on everyone


She writes as catharsis, because it’s the only way to not lose her mind to the pain of losing the one that makes her complete, but that is slowly changing, with the Help of Wesley, her teen age assistant , and the boy that has brought light to her life the last year.

That way we slowly but surely start to meet the men in Nora’s life and such men they are.

Then thers Zach, the new men in her life, he’s her new editor, and her book and life is in his hands , they are obviously attracted to each other , but Zach is nursing a deep heart ache, and Nora can tell, but there’s something about him that has her trying to get him anyway.

Zach is a very opinionated very British guy ,he’s handsome , but he’s completely lost when he meets Nora , she’s not what he was expecting and that wakes something that was almost lost within him ,  and he doesn’t know what to do with himself.

She becomes very important to Zach and his future, they develop a strong bond.

“The same wind that blows us off course can turn and carry us home.”

I don’t want to say anything more because this book needs to be read with the less spoilers possible, but just know that this series is incredible powerful in his topics and the way that slowly but surely get within your skin,

“Broken love is the most dangerous love. It will slice you open with every touch.”

This book is certainly one of the most impassionate reads I have ever read and I was kind of overwrought t by it, but that was good in a way it stir something In me as books are supposed to do.

I’m feeling the hangover and I think I will think about this book for a looong time to come.

The last thing I’m going to say is that THANK GOD!! That is not the ending of the story, because I was fucking crying my eyes out and I cannot end like that!!


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Innocence series (Blindfolded, Masked and End of Innocence) By Alessandra Torre



BOOK:  Innocence series (Blindfolded, Masked and End of Innocence)

 MY RATING FOR IT: 5 stars


I’m not sure what you have been told about me, but I’m not nearly as bad as they make me out to be.” His deliciously deep voice carried a little bit of ego.

I’m sure you are exactly as bad as they make you out to be….

Brad De Luca is used to getting whatever and whomever he wants. The premier divorce attorney in town, he’s a playboy who’s bedded half the city—including his own clients. And when the newest intern at his firm poses a challenge, his seductive prowess goes into overdrive.

Pre-law student Julia Campbell is fresh off a failed engagement and happy with her new independence. Even if she weren’t warned away from Brad at every turn, she’d know he was bad news. The last thing she needs is a man who could destroy her job prospects, not to mention her innocence. But before she knows it, the incorrigible charmer has her under his spell. His deviant tastes plunge her deep into a forbidden world of sexual exploration…but her heart may not survive the fall.


WOW, just wow!!! What a great series, smoldering hot and amazing story telling, I knew from the get go that this was going to be good, but I had very little idea about the theme of the book and it was an amazing read.

Alessandra Torre is a gifted writer, the rhythm of her work is impeccable, and is very engaging, the characters are well thought and extremely well depicted, and you feel like you are watching a movie!! I could create endless fantasies in my mind with the descriptions of Brad de Luca (YUMMY!!!)

THE PLOT IS BETTER WITH EACH BOOK!!! is very erotic in a down to earth way , no heavy traumas in here, just people enjoying their sexuality to the fullest, and the bits of  plot twists at the end of the books kept me hooked nonstop …

This is not such a new series and I for the love of all , don’t really know why it took me so long to dig in to it, but thank god I did, because this one is a must read for sure!!

Just to give you a little preview I can tell you that this story revolves around a law student “Julia”, she begins an internship at this law firm, and there she meets  one of the partners, the wild philanderer  “Brad De Luca” needless to say that everyone is telling her that she must stay away from him if she wants to succeed in the firm, and obviously Brad is totally in to her and is very forward in his approach.

Well I was happy to read that Julia was no wall flower and she was very able to stan up for herself , had a very sarcastic sense of humor and her future is very much planed out , her character was fun to read and watch evolve.

Brad is very mysterious handsome womanizer and kinky man that was just dreamy to read, I LOOOOVE HIM!! He knows what he needs and is not afraid to demand it , he also shows a secret side a very sweet side.

He’s super confident and very knowledgeable where it counts!!!!   A self-made Lady’s man, but in Julia he sees something different and that takes him by surprise.

There are a lot of interesting twist in all three books , and I will not spoiled them to you , I just needs to praise this book a little bit because let’s faced it Alessandra Torres is just so amazing in everything that she writes, it is unreal !!

I didn’t find this book as morally shocking as some reviews are hinting to, I dunno why!! Is it just me or there are some other pretty hard core books out there, so I found this one kind of not so shocking, which in no way takes from how good it is, it’s just that I did not follow the moral and society’s acceptance angle of some reviewers (maybe I’m a bit jaded by too many graphic smuttier smut!!!)


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Captivated by You by Sylvia Day


BOOK: Captivated by You (Crossfire #4) by Sylvia Day

MY RATING FOR IT : 5 stars


Gideon calls me his angel, but he’s the miracle in my life. My gorgeous, wounded warrior, so determined to slay my demons while refusing to face his own.

The vows we’d exchanged should have bound us tighter than blood and flesh. Instead they opened old wounds, exposed pain and insecurities, and lured bitter enemies out of the shadows. I felt him slipping from my grasp, my greatest fears becoming my reality, my love tested in ways I wasn’t sure I was strong enough to bear.

At the brightest time in our lives, the darkness of his past encroached and threatened everything we’d worked so hard for. We faced a terrible choice: the familiar safety of the lives we’d had before each other or the fight for a future that suddenly seemed an impossible and hopeless dream…


I’m a bit biases about this book , because I love this characters so much that I can not give them any less stars ,Sylvia Day can’t do no wrong by my standards so … you’ll find your selves in a love induced review in here.

I did re- read the 3 previous books to set my mind to the task of remembering the details of the story , and fell in love all over again with Gideon cross, God damn it !! he is HOT !!!! I can not get pass it … he is everything I like in a male character, he is so strong and flawed and so steaming hot and super alpha…

“I would always be obsessive when it came to her. I’d come to accept that. Eventually, she would, too. “There are things I can’t give you. Don’t fight me on the things I can.”

This book was very emotional , and a lot more of the facts that made widens past came to the table ,and his family was more involved in the story too.

This book is not perfect , but I love it all the same , the dual point kept me a bit irritated at times , but I felt it was necessary to present Gideon’s point of view and his feverish almost mad love towards Eva, for us to understand the depths of his feeling for her and what she means to him.

“He loved me so much more than he loved himself. It broke my heart that he’d sell himself short like that. It made it impossible to hold myself back. “You’re everything to me,” I breathed. “I think about you all the time.”

“Don’t hang up. For God’s sake, Eva, we’re married . We’re in love. There’s no shame in that. So what if it’s crazy? It’s us . It’s who we are. You need to come to grips with that.”

The side character where amazing (Carry and his drama ) and fave it a more hole feel to the story, the fighting got me a little frustrated at times , because there was a lot of , I feel that they can catch a break and thing just keep coming toward their relationship ( Crazy ex’s, reporters, nut job doctors demanding parents etc.)

“I would have found Eva eventually. And I would’ve wanted her, given up everything to have her. I would have left you to be with her. The end was inevitable.”

“If she wanted my money, I’d give her every cent. If she wanted another man, I’d make her forget him”

But trough all the love that Eva and Gideon have for each other is so strong and so passionate that no matter what o who get’s in their  way they can take it ( I really hope they can!!)

“You okay, angel mine?”
“I’m in your arms. Life doesn’t get better than this.”

They are both still trying to heal and that is a big problem on ti’s self if you throw a marriage in the mix.

“My wife would fight the world for me. It was miraculous to know that. When no one else had fought for me, I’d somehow found the one soul who would.”

This book is of the charts sexy , I mean to gets better and better and some of the scenes are to die for , I mean really!!

Sooooo , I just have to say that this book has a bit of everything and keep me glued to it and wanting for much more  , Sylvia Day most certainly is a PRO at the pick of her game she can do no wrong !!! … I just hope that the waiting  for the last chapter would get a bit shorter and easy this time around PLEASE!!!!!!

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The Crossfire Series ( Crossfire1-3 ) by Sylvia Day


Book:The Crossfire Series

My Rating for it : 5 stars


Gideon Cross came into my life like lightning in the darkness…

He was beautiful and brilliant, jagged and white-hot. I was drawn to him as I’d never been to anything or anyone in my life. I craved his touch like a drug, even knowing it would weaken me. I was flawed and damaged, and he opened those cracks in me so easily…

Gideon knew. He had demons of his own. And we would become the mirrors that reflected each other’s most private wounds…and desires.The bonds of his love transformed me, even as i prayed that the torment of our pasts didn’t tear us apart…

As beautiful and flawless on the outside as he was damaged and tormented on the inside. He was a bright, scorching flame that singed me with the darkest of pleasures. I couldn’t stay away. I didn’t want to. He was my addiction… my every desire… mine.

My past was as violent as his, and I was just as broken. We’d never work. It was too hard, too painful… except when it was perfect. Those moments when the driving hunger and desperate love were the most exquisite insanity.

We were bound by our need. And our passion would take us beyond our limits to the sweetest, sharpest edge of obsession…

From the moment I first met Gideon Cross, I recognized something in him that I needed. Something I couldn’t resist. I saw the dangerous and damaged soul inside–so much like my own. I was drawn to it. I needed him as surely as I needed my heart to beat.

No one knows how much he risked for me. How much I’d been threatened, or just how dark and desperate the shadow of our pasts would become.

Entwined by our secrets, we tried to defy the odds. We made our own rules and surrendered completely to the exquisite power of possession…


This review is a hard one to write, because this book is one of my go to books of all time, it wasn’t the first one that I read of this genre (the first one was Fifty shades, like a lot of other people) but it was the one that got me hooked on the reading again after so many years of just stopping to do one of my favorite things in the world.

I just love this story even though I know how many people compare it to Fifty , I find very little similarities between the two, I’m not being ungrateful , because I wont be all like “ I don’t like fifty shades of gray” because I did like it when I read it the 5 first times , and I like it still to this day , but The Crossfire was the first Novell that got in to my skin , it was my first hangover book , the one that stuck with me for ages !! You know how that is …. So I have a special place in my heart for this series.

Well it was the fact that I like it so much that has kept me from reading the last one of the books “Captivated by You (Crossfire, #4) “I’ve seen so many mix reviews that I’m a bit fearful of the reaction that I will get if I’m not just blown away by it (I actually pre-order it like so many months ago and it’s been sitting in my kindle for ages)

But the time has come to read it and that’s why I’m starting by re-.reading the first three books, and I’m so in love of Gideon again!!  It’s just like wow!! … Oh God … so ´passionate and so … Haaaaaaaa!!!  Such a strong character.

And Eva was so flawed and so strong at the same time, they are so imperfect but perfect for each other!

I felt the emotional depth of the feeling they shared and that made me able to connect with them, and be more understanding to difficult situations that they put each other trough.

The self esteem issues where hard to read, the trust violations that both of the suffered where terrible , but the way their love heals them at the same time that it makes them stronger was a real joy to read.

Eva was an opinionated leading lady with strong emotions and very set visions on life , and this made it more real to me , because she wasn’t just some poor little naïve girl falling for the perfect millionaire , she was quite worldly her self so she knew what she was getting into with him, and Gideon , “ moment of swoooooon”   he was a GOD !!( a bit jerky at times though )  perfect screwed up men that learns to love when he finds  the woman he never even dream of finding , and he makes many mistakes , a lot of them , but we forgive him , because he’s irresistible.

 “He wasn’t just beautiful; he was enthralling.” 

The Connection between them is so raw and so strong that it made me kind of shiver at times, and it toke to so many places while reading … love it

“I felt drawn to him; as if a rope bound my waist and he were slowly, inexorably pulling it.”

“You look so beautiful and f*ckable. I want you so badly it hurts.”

“Your body belongs to me, Eva” 

These books are a lot about the scaring and healing of two people that went trough unimaginable pain at a young age, all because of sexual trauma that they suffered  and how Love is able to help them see there’s problems ad heal them

“We’re going to be good for each other, Eva”

“You know what happens when you run, angel.” Gideon nipped my lower lip with his teeth, and then soothed the sting with the caress of his tongue. “I catch you.”

The secondary characters are very good to the story, especially Cary, Magdalene, Eva’s Mom and Corinne (which I kind of hate, but kind of understand, I mean she was desperate to get him back … NOT cool though!!) and the Crossfire building is kind of a second character also, because is there during most of the stuff that happens.


Eva is a bit naughty at times and gives Gideon a bit of his own medicine in terms of jalousie (which was well deserved).

 There’s only you Eva.”

“You’re all I want, Eva. There’s no one else. There will never be anyone else.”

The second book had me a bit frustrated at times whit the non answers and the hot and cold thing going , but one does get the reasons at  the very end , but it’s a bit of a hardship at times for the reader to get pass al the frustrating things that Eva goes trough in this one.

The sex gets hotter and hotter as the story goes on, which I may say was AMAZING…

“You’re kisses are mine” (THAT WAS SUCH A HOT SCENE!!)


Well the story goes  on  the third book and after my re- read I’m ready to get on the Silvia Day train again , because I just remember why I love my Crossfire fix , and I’ need it bad!!!

 Thank you.”

“What are you thanking me for? You did all the work.”
“There’s no work involved in fucking you, angel.” His slow smile was pure satiated male. “I’m grateful for the privilege.”
I sank back onto my heels. “You’re killing me. You can’t be that gorgeous and sexy and say stuff like that. It’s overload. It fries my brain. Sends me into a meltdown.”
His smile widened and he kissed me again. “I know the feeling.”

   And let me tell you if you haven’t read this book you need to, like ASAP!! BECAUSE YOU NEEED a dose of Gideon Cross in your life, you won’t regret it …

This Is most certainly in my Must reads pile of books for everyone to try at least once …


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