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Crude: A Stepbrother Romance by Aubrey Irons


BOOK:  Crude: A Stepbrother Romance

MY RATING FOR IT: 2 ½  stars


Knox Shepherd is a total d**k. A really, really big one.
He’s a swaggering, cocky prick who blows through women the same way he roars around town on that motorcycle of his – fast.

Sure, I wasn’t supposed to be sneaking out to bars or singing at open mics, but that didn’t give him a right to talk to me like that. No one’s ever said those things to me before – filthy, raunchy, crude suggestions that made me literally run for the door. Suggestions I wish didn’t make me feel so funny inside.

But hey, no big deal, right? It’s not like I’d ever have to see that smug, foul-mouthed jerk ever again.

If only he weren’t standing with that cocky smirk on my front porch right now, right next to my father’s new fiancé. His mother.

Yeah, that unbearable prick is going to be my new stepbrother.

OK, he’s gorgeous, and every time he looks at me I can practically hear him whisper deliciously dirty things in my ear. And maybe something about his cocky swagger makes me think I should break some rules for once.

…Maybe something about him makes me not so sure I want to go to college still holding on to my V-card.

But I definitely don’t want to lose it to my stepbrother. Ew.

So why can’t I stop thinking about it?


I always have time for a good stepbrothers love affair, I find them to be so hot , that I always jump to the idea of a new good one , but the truth is , that there are just to many of this books that are so so or just plain old bad ones … so I guess that’s why it took me a while to get around this book , it just didn’t do it for me I guess ?!! There’s nothing bad about it , it just didn’t get my complete attention , but today as I was reading it , I kind of liked it… It was a sweet little story with some bits of steam to it … so not a bad read after all , not an amazing one either ,but good for an afternoon with nothing to do.
The Characters are a little bland, and the main guy is not as steamy as I thought should be, but he was engaging enough.
The bad thing was that the story felt too old nothing new to add, and the girl was to Mehh !! If anything I was totally rooting for him in this book.
The ending was super-fast and suddenly he was everything that he said he wasn’t all the book long ?? … huuuu ok i guess??
so that why I kind of wanted to like it but just felt short.

2 y medio


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