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The Immortal Prophecy Trilogy by Tijan

Davy HardwoodDavy in transitionDavina

BOOK:  The Immortal Prophecy Trilogy (Davy Harwood, Davy Harwood in Transition, Davina)

MY RATING FOR IT: 4 ½ stars


Being empathic is the least of Davy’s problems. She wants to go to college and live a normal life until someone gives her something she doesn’t want. Now she has to deal with the supernatural and a prophecy that no one knows about.

The vampire nations sent their armies for her. They feared and sought to destroy her. The werewolves sent their own in the hopes to take her magic. One stood against them all to protect her. And in the midst of everything, as she watched her human life crumble to her feet, Davy grew as the Immortal every day. Her powers transitioned until she would save them all in the end. She only hoped she wouldn’t lose her humanity at the cost of fulfilling the Immortal Prophec


 I had this book for ages, and it just didn’t call to me, who knows why, because to me Tijan can do no wrong!! I just looove her books, but for some reason I was just bypassing this one.

So I decided on giving this girl a try, aaaaannnndddd …. Of course I was hooked!!!

Do take in consideration that this is sooooo much different than the other books; Davy is a different character, strong as all girls in Tijans worlds, but with a different essence to her.

At first I couldn’t decide if I liked the book or if I reaaaally liked the book; it was undecided till the second book which I just inhale!

Roane on the other hand, I loved him from the get go, I just knew I had a new boyfriend on the making!! (He did not disappoint)

Davy felt a little cold and stiff at times, except whit Lucas, those scenes were hot and beautiful and that make me keep going, which was good, because I really like the second part.

I don’t like to spoil book so I don’t want to tell too much about the plot, but let me tell you Davy  has to overcome many changes in her not so normal life , being an empath not even the worst of it , cause a random encounter with a strange girl leaves her with more than just regrets and doubts , and now people are trying to get to her and get her.

This is Tijan before Fallen Crest and the Kade brothers , which you can tell , and it’s a good thing I think , because you can see the range is bigger than just High school bigger than life boy/men story’s, I mean this is paranormal , and it’s not easy to do good paranormal ok ?? So give her some slack!!

The third book Davina was really good full of adventures, at times it felt really long but it was a good read.

My only problem was the ending , because it felt super rushed to me and left me wanting so much more for some characters , I don’t know if it was on propose to do another book ??

There are so many loose ends to me?? Some mayor characters didn’t get any kind of resolution?? I was like what the hell??

We’ll have to wait and see I guess …. L

Anyhow I think this series does need to be recognized and read, because it’s really entertaining and has a mayor hotty in it , I mean he’s HOT !! And super cold/sweet, it makes me melt.

So give it a try , I’m sure you’ll like it ….



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