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The Dumont Diaries (The Dumont Diaries #1-4) by Alessandra Torre


BOOK:  The Dumont Diaries (The Dumont Diaries #1-4) by Alessandra Torre



Lust is a dangerous thing. It can make you believe things that are not real. It can seduce your mind and lead it blindfolded to the cliff that will be its demise. 
What would you do if you could leave your life? Wake up one day and be someone else?
I signed the contract. I left Candace Tapers and her slutty, strip club life behind, abandoned every part of that life with one hesitant swipe of my pen.
The agreement was clear:
1. Sex
2. Photo ops
3. No romance
“I need a wife. I am not signing up for romance, or affection, or a full time job. I will not love you. I will have no use for you other than sex and photo ops.”
Sex with Nathan was easy. More than easy. Panty-melting, can-never-get-enough HOT. I had begun to think that I could live this new life, showered in luxuries, orgasms, and diamonds.
Then I started tripping over secrets.
*The Dumont Diaries was originally released, and is still available as a four-part miniseries. This book combines the four pieces of the miniseries into one, full-length novel.


Well first thing first, I expected nothing else from Alessandra Torre, because she’s the queen of twisted, amazing stories that leave me breathless and in a puddle.

This was older that some of the best known books, but don’t be fooled it was just as good, even if at some point was a novella (which sometimes are not as appealing as full books).

This book was a wild ride from the beginning; hold no prisoners addictive as hell story.

I know one usually says that some books are better experienced without too much info , but this one most certainly is one that you need to experience with the least amount of insight information about , so I’ll just give you little commentaries.

Our leading lady is called Candace, and she works at the Crystal Place a not so nice strip joint , Candace is down on her luck and doing whatever she can to get by and help her sick father.

Sex is of the table most times, but there’s one gentleman that has come a couple of times that she can’t and don’t want to refuse.

He’s beautiful, exudes elegance and class (unlike the usual clientele) and he always asks for only her.

“….my body craving his touch – my bank account desperate for a cash infusion.”

On the last visit, this secretive man, proposes an arrangement that leaves Candace wondering if he’s for real!!

He’s name is Nathan Dumont , and he does not offers love or devotion , he only offers a contractual relationship where he gets to have her body and she gets taken care off financially…

Candace doesn’t understand why does he want her, but she doesn’t know that Nathan is ruthless, cold and calculating and always has an agenda.



“I will not love you. I will have no use for you other than sex and photo ops.


What Candace fells a pull towards him and she needs the help, so what to do …

Things are not going to get very easy for her with Nathan I have to say that some parts are very hard, cause he has no problem making her feel as small as he can and using her whenever he wants , no matter who’s there .

Nathan is no immune to her charms though, he fell’s a strong pull toward her or at least her body, and he can’t control himself in that regard.


“Do you have any idea how hard I get when I see your body?



I Loved it loved it , loved it , I can’t say enough how good are Alessandra Torre’s books , it’s amazing that she does it every time , she has such an imagination .

To be 100% honest, some part5s did felt a little rushed.

I love the characters in Alessandra’s mind, they are all special to me and always hard to let go … This one was maybe easier to read because it was a bit shorter, but I love it just the same … I can’t praise her enough … She always makes me feel engage to the story and, makes me feel for them and with them, and boy does she know how to bring the steam to the story … I mean DAMIT IT WAS HOT!
Now I’m kind of scared of reading the next book, because my expectations are so hi….


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The Charlotte Chronicles (Jackson Boys #1) by Jen Frederick

CHARLOTTE CHBOOK: The Charlotte Chronicles by Jen Frederick



Charlotte and Nathan were supposed to be forever. They grew up together. Their families were intertwined. Charlotte was Nathan’s first love. Nathan was Charlotte’s first everything.

Until they weren’t.

How do you hold on to the person you know in your heart you are supposed to be with when everything and everyone in the universe is telling you it’s over?

How many times does a heart-break?
When is enough…..enough?
How long is forever?


*ARC kindly provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*


This book was on my iPad for a few weeks , I didn’t know what it was about , i just  read a little of the blurb and kind of intrigued me.

I most certainly didn’t know it was a spin of something else, but no worries it can be read as a stand alone.

I’ve been meaning to write this review but so many words come to my mind about this book i just can’t get it straight , I love it that is the only clear thing right now, it was the sweetest swoon of a book .

This story is divided in to two parts.

In the first one they are teens , and the book starts right on the day of Charlotte’s  procedure for a brain tumor , we don’t know right away about what it exactly the relationship between the both of them , but it’s clear that it’s an important one and everybody knows it even the parent.

Slowly we realized that Charlotte is very much in love with Nathan , and probably has been for ages, she also think that he only sees her as the little sister just like Nick his brother. but she couldn’t be more wrong because  by this point and due to her illness Nathan is realizing in his heart what his mind has known all along , that Charlotte is for him , she is his to protect and love , since forever and always.

Charlotte was meant to be mine. I knew it when she was born. Nick is her brother, but I’m her protector.

So as all hormones fulled teen’s ,they get together , all this after much consideration from Nathan’s side, and they star to discover love and lust , well more like Nathan is teaching Charlotte , because he’s been around the block a bit.

This part of the story really tugs at my heart , because young love and young lust is so pure and raw in its truest of forms , when one is learning to love everything is strong and feeling are so true ,that I really ache reading some parts, I was so happy for them and so sad because I knew that the storm was close.

And so … as Charlotte’s illness progresses she eventually has to leave to another country  ,  and  feeling lonely and sad some bad decisions and very unfortunate situations happens especially on Nathan’s side , so they split up , an then was when the water works started …  for me at least

She writes him this letters and he hardly ever responds , because he fells unworthy of her love.

After some time passes thing get harder and she has to let go of him

Dear Nate…
I’m still waiting for you, just like I promised. Miss you a thousand times more than the last letter,


“Dear Nate,

It’s been six years! …I’m just done, Nate. Done.
I love you. I will always love you, but for my sake and probably for yours too, I have to move on.

It was so dam sad I could not read because the tears where bothering me … but I had hope because now comes the second part .

In the second parte they are both adults and they have both suffer from their separation, and they havent been able to move on , so Nate realizes that he’s only half a man without Charlotte and he’s ready to search for her and beg her forgiveness and another chance … and her’s where thing get seriously steamy … I mean DAYUMMMM!! ( yeah it was THAT good)

Charlotte chronilces

His possessive side is there and he is a very alpha male , but he adores her and he would do anything for her , he worships her with his heart and most definitely with his body.

“I am your shield, your weapon. Fight for me too, Charlotte.”

Then life happened and they have to go thru some stuff that are very unfair but , im not telling anything more , because I have said too much already.

I just feel the need to share this book with anybody who wants to read it , it’s very good I must say it’s one of my top 5 for the year , because I really felt it , it made feel things and long for things that I felt as a teen. and that what’s good about books , they transport us to places forgotten and they make us feel again .

Spoiler!!!!!. IT HAS WHAT I NEED IN A BOOK A HEA!!! 

So I think I’m most definitely a Jen Frederick fan NOW  !!!!


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