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Opal- Origin and Opposition (Lux #3-4-5)by Jennifer L. Armentrout

lux 3,4 y5

BOOK: Opposition (Lux #5)by Jennifer L. Armentrout

MY RATING: 4 1/2 Stars


Katy knows the world changed the night the Luxen came.

She can’t believe Daemon welcomed his race or stood by as his kind threatened to obliterate every last human and hybrid on Earth. But the lines between good and bad have blurred, and love has become an emotion that could destroy her—could destroy them all.

Daemon will do anything to save those he loves, even if it means betrayal.

They must team with an unlikely enemy if there is any chance of surviving the invasion. But when it quickly becomes impossible to tell friend from foe, and the world is crumbling around them, they may lose everything— even what they cherish most—to ensure the survival of their friends…and mankind.

War has come to Earth. And no matter the outcome, the future will never be the same for those left standing.


I decide to do one review for book 3-4 and 5 , because it would get to repetitive to do one for each.

In book 3 we had Katy who is in an actual relationship with Daemons, they are very quite together , an d the witty banter is going strong , so is the steam factor , wich is still pretty mild but it’s getting warmer by the minute.

A slow, wry smile teased Daemon’s lips. “Simmer down, Kitten, before I have to get you a ball of yarn to play with.
Annoyance flared deep inside me. “Don’t start with me, jerk-face.

There are very sweet scenes in this book, because Daemon in wooing Katy…

He…he kisses like he’s dying of thirst, and I’m water.” I smacked my hands over my hot face. “I can’t believe I just said that out loud.” Lesa giggled. “Sounds like one of those romance books you read.” “It does.” I started giggling. “But, oh Lordie Lord, it’s true. I’m like a puddle of mush when he kisses me. It’s embarrassing. I’m so, like, ‘Thank you, can I have another?’ Sad.”

Dee is not the same anymore , but she is trying to get better ,and Katy is struggling with this issue.

Dawson is home but he’s very distant , he wants to get Bethany back , but Daemon knows that Daedalus is gunning for him and Katy’s powers.

In this  book there’s Blake again he appears and tries to convince everyone to help him get his Luxen friend, and all hell breaks loose…..

In the 4th Book “ORIGIN”, Katy got Taken by Daedalus  in Mount after Blake betrayed them,. She is in a new world alone and very scared, the things that they made her do are wrong in so many levels.

Daemon is going Crazy trying to get to Katy , he doesn’t care about anything but getting to where she is , and he will not rest untill he is with her and can see that she’s is safe again.

“Did you think you could stop me? I’ll burn the world down to save her.”

There’s only one thing I want.”

“And that is?”
“I want to see Kat.”
Nancy’s smile didn’t fade. “And what are you willing to do to accomplish that?”
“Anything,” I said without hesitation, and I meant it. “I will do anything, but I want to see Kat first and I want to see her now.”

He sacrifices his freedom to be with her, they get together under very stern circumstances , but the sarcasm is present as ever!!

I’ve been waiting a long time to run tests on someone like you, ” he said to Daemon, voice high-pitched.
Daemon arched a brow. “Another fanboy. I have them everywhere.”
I muttered, “Only you would see that as a good thing.”

“He hasn’t even eaten at Olive Garden, so I doubt he’s a connoisseur of hotels.” – Kat
“No Olive Garden? Man, we’ve got to get that boy some endless breadsticks and salad. Travesty.” – Daemon”

“Hey kitten, I could always give you a teaser. You bookish people love teasers, don’t you?”

They actually make a plan to scape , but many things happen , Blake dies by Katy’s hand ( wich kinds of screwed with her mind) and many character are introduced ..especially Archer one of the Origins tha Daedalus creted !! He was a great character to meet , and hell’ be very important in this book so is luc…


There’s a lot more action , and City of Las Vegas is very important in the story…..

Then we Jump to book 5 “OPOSSITION” the last book of the Saga , wich starts where Origins ends, with the arrival of the Luxen’s.

“Apparently, there was even a meme created already. The incredibly photogenic glowing-alien meme.”

After the Luxen arrived on earth the war for survival begins, Andrew is dead, Ash is dead , Mathew betrayed them and after the Vegas disaster they need to stay low.

Everything is very messed up , but the only thing that is certain is the love that Daemon has for Katy and vice versa, their love is stronger than anything , is it not?

But something Happens and Daemon , Dee and Dawson go to the Luxen leaving the other wondering about their loyalty.
eventually they get reunited but Damon is very strange towards Katy so she thinks they got to him , but their love is what keep them away from his head.

“Get out of my head.” “I can’t help it,” Archer replied from where he sat on the couch. “You’re broadcasting your thoughts so damn loudly I feel like I need to go sit in the corner and start rocking, whispering Daemon’s name over and over again.”

There are Origins ans Luxen working together, and there’s this bitchy character that wants in to Daemon’s pant’s

“Yes,” she purred. “I really think you can do better. Lots better.” As she spoke, she trailed a red-painted finger down the center of his chest, over his abdomen, heading straight for the button on his jeans. And oh, hell to the no. “Get your hands off him.” Sadi’s head snapped in my direction. “Excuse me?” “I don’t think I stuttered.”

But eventually Daemond makes Katy understand the delicate situations there in…

“ Kat.” He uttered my name like it was some kind of prayer, and then he pressed a kiss against the skin behind my ear. “I broke every rule of my kind to heal you and keep you with me. I … burned down an entire city to keep you safe. I’ve killed for you. Did you think I’d forget what you mean to me? That anything in this world— in any world— would be stronger than my love for you?”

“Daemon was okay. He was himself, and dammit, together we could face anything. We would because we had to.” 

After everything that happens they must convince an old enemy to help them with the Luxen situation, wich is very difficult to do.Ireally dont want to say anymore , because i have said too much of the plot already and people should enjoy it without spoilers.

This book did not disappoint , it was full of action , drama , and so much swoon and the steamyness  that im having a hard time letting go. I laugh so much with this series, Katy was so hilarious, and Daemons so charming and conceded,

im really going to miss them, if you havent read this one you should do it !!! it’s amazingly god, they are unforgettable.


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